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You can earn a lot

With our affiliate program

Our Multi Level Marketing (MLM) affiliate program will earn you a lot of Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies thanks to an original and innovative technique: distribute free money to your friends, which will allow you to win a lot you even thanks a pyramid program!
Where is the scam ?

Distribute money for free is not illegal , unless to produce riots on public roads like that already has been the case.

Absolutely not ! A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent financial arrangement that consists of remunerating the investments of the customers essentially by the funds provided by the new entrants. In this case we don’t take money, we redistribute money from our sponsors.

Crazy … maybe, rich not yet, but we can become rich together if you have faith in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

The principle is very simple. We donate some part of what the sponsors report to us by generating traffic on our site.

What is the profitability ?

For each sponsored friend, you can play again to our scratching game who permit you to win from 10 to 1 000 000 SAT and you will receive also for each new friend  1000 SAT at the 1st level, 500 SAT on the 2nd level (friends of your friends), 200 SAT on the 3rd, 100 SAT for the 4th and finally 50 SAT on the 5th level.  When you have reached 100 affiliates, you will earn a bonus of 1 million satohi and a bitcoin in gold plated 24ct that will not have monetary value but will become your fetish coin to earn even more cryptocurrency!

What should I do to participate ?

Simply post your affiliate link on the networks to publicize our system and the Bitcoin. If you wish, but that is not mandatory, you can buy our magic t-shirt with a QR-code that will allow your friends to earn few satoshi with them mobile phone. A good system also for meet people if you do not have a wifi system in your car, you have few Bitcoins on your T-Shirt