Cash out your winnings

(Attention this concerns only the scratch game !)
Verification QR-code

Cash your winning

1. Register free at

2. Print the certificate showing your winnings, the date and your IP address in pdf or make a capture screen in jpg and send us the certificat with the QR-Code of control that you have previously recorded on your hard drive and your wallet adress on QuinPro. You will be paid in 10-15 days and you will get 2 SAT every day in your wallet !

You can earn again a lot more

How? By referring your friends with a link on social networks and offering them to earn a fraction of Bitcoins like you with our affiliate program. For each sponsored friend, you will receive 1000 SAT at the 1st level, 500 SAT on the 2nd (friends of your friends), 200 SAT on the 3rd, 100 SAT on the 4th and finally 50 SAT on the 5th level.