Scratch game

The scratch game

Our innovative program will earn you a lot of Bitcoins.

Our advertising sponsors allow us to offer scratch tickets to win few satoshi (fraction of Bitcoins). You can play one time and as many times as you have invited friends via social networks through our affiliate program

How it works ? Once you scratch the ticket, the value is displayed along with an icon that you must click to get a QRcode and cash out your winning which can be doubled.

To double your winnings, you must click on the Facebook share button and retrieve the URL of your Facebook account that you will post in the address bar, just behind the verification code after generating the QR code the first time. Then click on “Enter” which will generate a second code which you will have to save on your hard disk and forward us for get your bitcoins as soon as you reach 500,000 Satoshi

Cash out your winnings

If you do not have a wallet to keep your Bitcoins, you can find them on this page. The creation and management of your portfolio are completely free. This receipt is your proof of profit and will be converted to Bitcoin. Do not lose your receipt, it is unique and can not be replaced.

To play many times

You can play as many times as you have new affiliates. With our MLM affiliate program will get you a lot more money by sharing links to our sites on social networks.

Play with QR-code